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With worldwide representation and unbeatable know-how the Integrity Machinery Co.,Ltd. is a global full-service provider, offering our international customers the whole palette from bearing selection through installation and training to maintenance, repair and other technical and marketing support. We work very closely with original equipment manufacturers, distributors and agents and repair houses as well as directly with end-users in all the industries we serve.
With expertise in a wide range of disciplines and decades of experience as a technical partner to both equipment manufacturers and end users in every major industry,Integrity Machinery Co.,Ltd. is delivering not just products but total integrated solutions that help our customers achieve their goals.Our high quality products and services along with the profound Know-How of our employees guarantee, that we can offer the ideal solution for your maintenance and monitoring jobs.

Company Details


Integrity Machinery Co.,Ltd. has the experience and equipment to develop effective solutions across all industries and our products can be found worldwide. With our knowledgeable staff and flexibility to create individual designs, specifically addressing your needs, we’re able to modify process and procedure resulting in deliverables suitable for any challenge. These designs and creations can be developed for an as needed basis as well as part of a comprehensive package. By operating in an environment such as ours, Integrity Machinery Co.,Ltd. is able to present solutions that fit your needs and deliver based on your requirements each and every time.


At Integrity Machinery Co.,Ltd., we aim to offer a comprehensive service to our customers. We work with a huge range of clients, from private to commercial. Our client list includes factories, farmers, mechanics and much more.We only use the most reliable couriers, so you know you can rely on us.
Every part Integrity Machinery Co.,Ltd. sell is carefully inspected for accuracy and quality. Whether in original boxes or our packaging, you can be confident that the products you receive meet your satisfaction.

Our Team

Integrity Machinery Co.,Ltd. support our customers by swiftly providing technical and commercial information directly from our offices and via our local representatives, through planned training and via our website.
Integrity Machinery Co.,Ltd.'s quality commitment starts with our top management and is supported conscientiously by all the people in our company. Our company will efficiently apply our resources and will involve and train all our people for the purpose of continually improving the quality of our products, processes, and services. We will continually monitor our processes and success by the satisfaction of our customers.